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​We offer two types of In-Home Consultations


Design Consultations for Home Owners

These consultations can answer a lot of questions no matter what stage you're at as a home owner.

  • You've got lots of ideas on how to make your home better, but you're not sure where or how to start.

  • Your family is changing and your house needs to change with it. Whether growing or shrinking how can your home change to meet those needs?

  • You've found a house that's almost perfect. What potential is there to make it the home you want?

  • You're thinking of selling your home. Where should you put your time and money before you put your house on the market?

It's important for us to spend time getting to know the house and clients before offering a professional assessment and options for next steps.


Great advice and a few simple sketches can go along way to helping you make the decisions you need to make!


Contractor/​Real Estate Consultations

We provide Value Added Consultation services for your clients when and where it is needed.



When you're asked to quote a job that is as clear as mud - call us. We can assist with determining the scope of work, expectations of the client and add detail to requests. If floor plans, custom millwork or other drawings are required we can work together to move the project forward.


Real Estate Agents:

Whether your client is on the fence about purchasing a home or they know it's the house they want, but it needs work - we can help. We spend time getting to know your clients and their needs. We then asses the house they are looking to purchase and provide an unbiased, second option on whether or not it can be the home they imagine. From there we can work with local contractors to determine budget pricing for improvements.

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