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​We offer a range of Design Services from onsite consultations for a simple refresh or reorganizing of spaces to full service design proposals for your renovation or new build. Our projects range in size and complexity, but they all have one thing in common. Our desire to create spaces that meet the needs of each client today and offer flexibility to grow and change with time.


The sustainability of our projects is always important. Adding more space isn't always the solution. By designing, creative spaces that truly fit your lifestyle, we can often build less. We are always focused on using local materials, trades and expertise in our projects when possible.


Sustainable, natural materials and building techniques are a passion of ours. Reducing the carbon footprint of each build can not only reduce the impact of your project on our environment, but it often goes hand in hand with reducing the life cycle cost of operating and maintaining the building.


Equally important to us is the partnership between the client, designer and contractor. We believe in an Integrated Project Management approach. This includes; open communication, collaboration of ideas and details throughout the design process and honest management of your budget and expectations.

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